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Operations / IOI - Contact Name
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Operations / IOI - Contact Phone
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Routable, natural IOIs represent indications where a broker systematically generates an natural IOI directly from a customer order and exchanges a unique ID with Bloomberg. When a buyside integrated customer* interacts with a natural, routable IOI a pre-populated order routing ticket is generated and the unique ID is passed back on the responding order. This signals the broker that the response should be crossed with the initiating order. Bloomberg is supporting broker innovation through our routable IOI offering and encouraging the development and marketing of unique products using the routable IOI approach.
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Routable Natural, Routable Non-Natural, Routable Risk Capital, etc.
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Occasionally we will send IOIs for OTD orders and add details to the notes (% avail to cross, TWAP, VWAP, etc.) If not, will these IOIs create miscommunication?
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